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 5400 West Elm St, Suite 120, McHenry, Il 60050
8780 West Golf Rd., Suite 304, Niles, IL 60174

Chicago Area LASIK Experts

Lasik Eye Surgery

Our center owns and uses the most advanced FDA-approved laser technology. Our VISX S4 is capable of producing highly accurate laser treatments. The latest technology of called wavefront-guided ablation. This technology is also known as “custom cornea” or “high definition” LASIK.

Your vision is unique – as personal as your fingerprint. The WavePrint System™ gives Dr. Epstein treatment options that are truly personalized to your unique visual needs. The VISX Star S4 WavePrint™ System includes three components: the WavePrint™ Map, the 3D ActiveTrak™ Eyetracker, and Variable Spot Scanning (VSS)™ .

The WavePrint™ Map Precise analysis of your unique vision

The WavePrint ™ Map is the latest addition to the laser vision correction technology available at the Center for Corrective Eye Surgery. Dr. Epstein uses your WavePrint ™ Map to gain a detailed understanding of your unique vision correction requirements to develop a personalized laser vision correction plan.

The WavePrint ™ Map reveals the way your entire optical system processes light. It provides a level of diagnostic information previously unavailable, and it allows a treatment personalized to your unique vision.

Relax with 3D Activetrak™ Accuracy and comfort

The ActiveTrak ™ follows the tiny motions of your eye instantaneously and automatically, in all three dimensions, repositions the laser to insure accuracy, and does not require you to hold your eye absolutely still during the procedure. You can relax, knowing that you’re obtaining a correction that’s precisely centered on your eye.

Variable Spot Scanning™ Flexibility for more personalized laser vision correction

Variable Spot Scanning ™ is an exclusive VISX laser technology that allows for a larger treatment area and offers Dr. Epstein greater flexibility in developing a more personalized LASIK procedure, when pupil size may be a consideration.

* 5400 West Elm St. Suite 120, McHenry, IL 60050

* 8780 West Golf Rd Suite 304, Niles IL 60714

* Telephone number: 1-800-I-CAN-SEE (1-800-422-6733)

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