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Surface treatment of the eye for freedom from glasses has been a definitely a slower healing, less comfortable process than lasik. Surface eye treatments for freedom from glasses just got a bit more comfortable with the introduction of somewhat new version of the microkeratome used in lasik. The slight modification in the microkeratome used for lasik now allows the surgeon to remove the surface epithelium of the eye in a single sheet with a hinge much as is made with lasik. After the surface treatment, the surgeon repositions the sheet of epithelium as a surface cover.

A contact lens bandage is placed on the eye. The microkeratome manufacturer calls the new process “epilasik”. Lasik is still generally preferable to surface laser treatments because of comfort, rapid recovery rate and ease of fine tuning for best results with lasik. But some people cannot have lasik, perhaps because the cornea is too thin the surface treatment done with the new device promises to be less uncomfortable than previous surface treatments. With the new the recovery from these surface treatments is now likely to be more pleasant and more rapid than before.