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Refractive Surgery Pre-Op Instructions

  • Keep contact lenses out for 48 to 72 hours prior to surgery unless otherwise instructed.
  • No make-up on the day of surgery and men should have face shaved.
  • No wool sweaters or clothing with high fiber content.  A button down shirt is the best.
  • Arrange for a driver on the day of surgery and for your post-op appointment the next day.
  • After your surgery, plan on going home for the duration of the day and on resting
  • Payment is due on the day of your procedure.
  • Nothing with a scent or fragrance on the day of surgery (ie. No perfume, cologne, lotion.
  • Pagers and/or cells phones cannot be brought into the surgical suite
  • Make sure you EAT before surgery
  • If an enhancement is needed using the laser , there is a royalty of fee $150 or sometimes $300.  This pays for the key card to operate the laser; there are no extra surgical services
  • Three days prior to surgery, use Johnson’s baby shampoo to wash your eyelids twice a day, and use artificial tear drops three times a day.
All procedures and one day post-op follow-ups will be done at the McHenry office.