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 5400 West Elm St, Suite 120, McHenry, Il 60050
8780 West Golf Rd., Suite 304, Niles, IL 60174

Chicago Area LASIK Experts

Why Choose Us?

* Experience : By far, we have the longest LASIK experience in the Midwest.

We have the longest experience in the Midwest in any eye treatments for freedom from glasses. Dr. Epstein is one of principal American developers of multifocal lasik for freedom from bifocals. This translates into minimizing complications and maximizing good results.

* Surgical technology : Especially if you are past 45 you should choose us.

Our multifocal LASIK for freedom from glasses after 45 is not yet generally available.

With this treatment, we can do what LASIK has not been able to do before – GET PEOPLE OUT OF BIFOCALS & READING GLASSES. Like other lasik procedures, multifocal lasik gives an enduring result. Multifocal lasik is technology beyond monovision. Furthermore, it is unlike the heat treatments LTK or CK, where the effect decays rapidly with time.

We also perform multifocal and accommodating implant surgery, excellent options for freedom from glasses for people who have cataracts or whose eye optics are beyond the range of treatment by lasik alone. But implants require surgery inside the eye and thus are more invasive than multifocal lasik, which takes place only on the corneal wall of the eye. . Furthermore, our multifocal lasik is reversible. Therefore, multifocal lasik is safer than the multifocal implants and preferable in most cases to implants.

* Quality control : Operating room temperature and humidity and air purity are carefully controlled to maximize quality of results. Staff who are highly experienced in maintaining high standards in treatment.

* Analysis : Surgical outcomes are statistically analyzed to optimize accuracy. This improves the predictability of the procedure improving your chances of 20/20 vision.

* Machine technology : We own and make available the most advanced excimer laser technology, the custom wavefront lasik with the VISX Star S4-IR laser.

* Affordability : Affordable prices and terms- We provide financing through three agencies including even 0% financing with no payments for twelve months for qualifying people. We have special discounts for people with membership in certain groups.

Help us to work out an arrangement with your group

* Convenience : We perform lasik at our McHenry office and we provide free transportation from a 35 minutes drive area from our McHenry office. We now also perform lasik very near O’Hare airport and we provide free transportation from the O’Hare airport right to that office.